The Circus, Branding Agency, Emerges into the Blogosphere

From Dubai to Beyond!


From Dubai to Beyond!

The Circus, Branding Agency, Emerges into the Blogosphere.

Whilst the world descends into what can only be described as an Orwellian fever dream, the secret lives of creative masterminds in a Graphic Design Agency remain dedicated to the cause. As such, on a day like no other The Circus write their first blog post!

A Little Bit of London in the Heart of the Desert

We thought we would take this opportunity to tell you all how we came to be and why we still are. Being crowned as ‘A little bit of London in the heart of the desert’ is no easy feat to pull off and yet we manage to wear that crown in all its glory.

Born from the success of a London based Art Director and raised on his passion of bespoke branding design within a client focussed framework, The Circus set up home on Emirati shores a little over ??? years ago.

The cosy studio set within the high rises of Dubai has become home to a team of British designers with multi-national experience paired with technological aficionado’s and sprinkled with storytellers (aka website developers & copy writers). The close-knit group of creative geniuses put the word ‘Circus’ into The Circus advertising agency! And by that we mean it in its most fantastical sense; a group of skilled individuals pulling off amazing stunts and magical performances from the most visionary realms or what you might know them more commonly as – advertising, marketing, digital and branding agencies.

A Tell All from Dubai’s Graphic Design Company

As we continue to work away, our blog will deliver the inside scoop on all things ‘brand identity’ from logo design and business collaterals to large-scale promotional installations. Showcasing our compelling content through visual media and forcing open the door to what drives us, inspires us and compels us to continue.

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